How to Change the IMEI Number on iPhone

Each phone that a user buys also has an IMEI number. IMEI basically stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI number is there on the phone in order to identify each phone uniquely. There is only one IMEI number on iPhones actually. The IMEI number becomes really helpful in order to track the phone if a user loses it. This is why Apple actually tries to make it impossible to change the IMEI number of any iPhone. You guys have to read this article to know all about How to Change the IMEI Number on iPhone. Let’s start!

When the cellular network detects the IMEI number of a phone, there are not many ways you can change the IMEI number. There are a few things that people can actually do to change the IMEI number, however, it is important to understand. That there is no way in order to change the IMEI number of an iPhone permanently. It is only possible to change the IMEI number of an iPhone for a really short period of time.

How to Change the IMEI Number on iPhone

Well, changing the IMEI number does not really offer too many advantages. Many risks come along with attempting this. If the user basically changes the IMEI number of their iPhone to the same IMEI number as another phone, the phone will then stop working. Furthermore, there are also possible legal boundaries that one might cross when they change their IMEI number. Changing the IMEI number will basically end the warranty of the iPhone. Thus, one should weigh the possible reasons against the problems whenever they are actually looking to change the IMEI number on the iPhone.

In order to change the IMEI number in iPhones, one must first jailbreak their iPhone. The steps in the article are not possible to execute without even jailbreaking your iPhone. Hence, it is important to learn how you can jailbreak the iPhone. When you do this, the following are the steps in order to change the IMEI number on an iPhone.

Method 1: | Change the IMEI Number

  • First, you guys must determine the current IMEI number of your iPhone. This is a really simple process. The user needs to open the dialer of their iPhone and dial *#06#. Well, dialing this code will actually provide the user along with the current IMEI number of their iPhones.
  • Now after obtaining the IMEI number of your iPhone, you will now have to switch to your personal computer as well as laptop to proceed further
  • Well, on your PC or Laptop, download a PC tool via the name of “Ziphone”. You have to download the PC tool
  • The next step is just to open your iPhone in recovery mode. In order to do this, press the Home Button and the Power Button simultaneously. Keep on pressing till the Apple Logo appears on the screen. When this happens, immediately release the Home button. This will basically cause the iTunes logo will come on the screen along with wire right beneath it.
  • While in this mode, you need to connect your iPhone to your personal computer.
  • Now on your computer, just open the Ziphone folder and right-click while there. Choose the option in order to “Start Command Prompt Here”.
  • Then in the Command Prompt window, you have to type in “ZiPhone
  • Now after this, type “ziphone -u -i aIMEINumber” (Type in the new IMEI Number you guys want for your iPhone in place of “IMEI Number”)
  • Then after typing this, just wait for 3-4 minutes for ZiPhone in order to complete the process. Then, reboot your phone, and then the process will be complete.
  • You have to dial *#06# in the dialer on your iPhone to check the new IMEI number of your phone.

This is one of the most famous methods to change the IMEI number in iPhones temporarily. However, once again, remember to jailbreak your iPhone if you guys want to make sure that the process with ZiPhone works perfectly. There is also a less famous and less effective way to change the IMEI number on iPhone without even jailbreaking the iPhone. The following are the steps in order to do it.

Method #2 | Change the IMEI Number

  • You need to follow steps number 4 and 5 from Method #1 in order to change the number in iPhones. It will allow you in order to open your iPhone in recovery mode.
  • Just download the ZiPhone GUI application tool on your personal computer.
  • Now open the ZiPhone GUI application on your PC.
  • Head To the Advanced Features Window on the application.
  • Now find the option in order to “Fake IMEI” and then tap on this.
  • Then after this, put in whatever new IMEI number you guys want to input.
  • Click on “Perform Action” in order to change the IMEI number on iPhone.

Change the IMEI Number

Method #2 does not really need users to jailbreak their iPhones, however, it is also less effective. So it is better to jailbreak your iPhone and then proceed along with Method #1 to change the number in iPhones. However, it is important that users still realize that changing the IMEI number can also cause lots of problems on their iPhones. These problems can actually lead to the phone working altogether or even leaving the iPhone vulnerable to data breaches. Many time, it is even illegal to do this. Hence, users should only look to change their IMEI number on iPhone after thinking about it considerably as well.


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