Call of Cthulhu’s E3 Trailer Released!

Call of Cthulhu, who will face the first person with camera angles, will take us to a world full of darkness and want us to survive. We will combine the clues of anticipation and fulfill the required tasks from us, in order to enter a mysterious world with the sounds of tension-filled infrastructures. We live in horror-filled minutes, and we expect quality content as well as a wide range of content.

Call of Cthulhu's
Call of Cthulhu’s

In the Call of Cthulhu, which is expected to depart in 2018, we will enter mysterious places and encounter various hazards. We will struggle with insidious forces in the place of secret worship, secret tunnels and the entrance to ruinous houses. Unfortunately, there is no information about when the game will exit. The developer team, which released a new trailer on E3 2018, was deeply curious about gaming lovers, and some parts of them were annoyed because they did not announce the net date of release.

You can watch the E3 trailer of Call of Cthulhu from below.

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