Fixed: Black Screen Wallpaper on Windows 10 & 11

Did it happen to you when your desktop shows only black screen wallpaper on it while you try to tailor the wallpapers? Well, this problem occurs due to some applications that you have given access to in your settings.

You are confused what’s the reason behind the change of wallpaper without doing anything in the setting part. You downloaded these annoying applications to try something new and tailor your user interface can be the main reason behind this mess.

Normally, when you install an application, it shows you a notification to give it access to some features of your device. The same thing happens when an application tries to change settings without any reason. The application which you installed and gave permission for in the past.

Black Screen Wallpaper in Windows

Guide to Solve Black Screen Wallpaper on Windows 10 & 11

The solution to saving your desktop wallpaper from this is described in the following:

  • Disable the app in the settings so that it has no control over your desktop settings.
  • Don’t try to remove that app as it will stop this from changing the wallpaper again.

Changing the Wallpaper to Fix Black Screen Wallpaper

We will tell you the ways to prevent the black screen wallpaper problem. You can try changing the wallpaper through the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows button + S  and type search in the search bar.
  2. Click on the settings and then choose personalization.
  3. In the personalization section, choose the background just above the Colors section.
  4. Click on the picture of your desire by selecting any picture in Choose your picture portion.

Transcoded Wallpaper File

The Transcoded Wallpaper File is created in the user below folder when they choose a picture for their wallpaper in the wallpaper settings. If there is a corrupt file, then it will be difficult for windows to display the wallpaper you choose.

You can follow the below steps to solve the problem of this corrupt Transcoded Wallpaper File.

  • Paste the following address after opening the file explorer of your windows.
  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\

Windows File Explorer Address Bar

  • See a file named Transcoded wallpaper just below the cached files folder.
  • Rename the file to TranscodedWallpaper.old. A file named Settings.ini can be there. You have to open this file in Notepad and erase all the data from this file.
  • In the end, Save the data. Set the desktop background again and see if it resolves the issue.

Setting Desktop Background From The Context Menu to fix Black Screen Wallpaper

  1. Open the File Explorer and press the right click of your mouse on any image you want to see as your wallpaper.
  2. A tab will appear and you will have to select the Set as desktop background option.

Checking Ease of Access Settings

  • Press the windows button and search the Control Panel in the search bar. Look for the Ease of Access option right below Clock and Region tab.
  • Click on the Ease of Access option and press the Make the computer easy to use tab.
  • A new window will appear with many options with unticked boxes. Click on the box having the description Remove background images.
  • Set the wallpaper afterward. Hope it will resolve the issue.

Power Plan Settings

  1. Press the windows button and search the Control Panel in the search bar. Look for the system and security tab. Press the Power options tab after opening the system and security.
  2. Press Change advanced power settings and check if the slideshow is set as available right under the Paused section.

You may be using Windows 10 on your device, but there is an updated version of windows 10 available on the internet i.e. Windows 11. This step of changing windows will repair the issue easily.

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Your desktop wallpaper can create an issue when there is an app creating a fuss in the windows settings without your permission. There can be a corrupt transcoded wallpaper file which is the reason behind your black screen wallpaper. You can try all the above-mentioned procedures to resolve this problem regarding the wallpaper issues on your Windows desktop.

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