The Best Tech Apps for iPhone and Android

Technology is actually evolving at a rapid pace. Hundreds of inventions and discoveries are made each and every year. We also get to know about new gadgets, systems, and technologies almost every single day as well. There is much more happening out in the world than we can digest as well. It has become almost impossible to keep oneself updated in each field. Just read this article to know about The Best Tech Apps for iPhone and Android.

However, since most people today are via smartphones, it is quite easier for them to keep in touch along with the outer world. So there are many tech news apps that give you the latest tech news all around the globe.

The Best Tech Apps for iPhone and Android

There are a lot of news and tech-related sites and apps available in the market today. That help us keep ourselves updated from anywhere in the globe. You get regular updates regarding all sorts of news, facts, technology, as well. If you are a tech-loving person, then here is also a list of the best tech news app you would love to use too.


  • It also offers a clutter-free feed to help you track all of your favorite news and stories.
  • On Feedly, you can get good tech news, the latest technology updates, trending topics, and much more.
  • You guys can add it to the RSS feed and track information & updates seamlessly.
  • This lightweight tech news app for Android loads quickly and offers a clean reading experience.

Best Tech Apps

Unlike Flipboard, Feedly is basically a proper RSS feed reader which makes it really simple to subscribe to your favorite technology sources. Whenever you open the app, you can just choose the Tech option and you will get a list of famous tech news publishers you can subscribe to. If you cannot find your favorite source in the list, just search for them and then add them to the list. One of my favorite Feedly features is that you guys can create several personal feeds. This permits me to create separate spaces for different categories of articles. Such as, I have created different feeds for iOS, Android, and Windows articles as well.

Many other cool features include a dark mode, auto mark read the feature. Third-party read-it-later apps support (Pocket, Evernote, Instapaper, and also OneNote) and social media sharing options among others as well. My only major gripe along with Feedly has been its pricing strategy. It also follows a subscription model and has also applied it in such a way that you guys can never getaway along with using only the free version. Also, the pricing is a little bit on the higher side actually. You can read all about it via visiting this link. If you can get over this fact, you will enjoy through the app.

Download Feedly | iOS

News Republic

The News Republic was launched after the discontinuation of the app that is called Appy Geek. That was a good platform covering all tech news. The News Republic gives news content covering all topics. It has a scrollbar at the top where you can select your category.

news republic

If you guys are looking for tech-related updates, select the tech category. And you can also follow a lot of channels that will show you new tech content every day. It also provides an option to watch videos if you don’t like reading much.

Download News Republic iOS


  • It also helps you create and customize smart magazines to get regular updates on your favorite topics.
  • It sends you daily updates on the latest news and stories as well.
  • Also, permits you to curate your perspective in personal magazines.
  • It covers all major topics from tech & science to lifestyle and much more.

This is one of the best news apps that cover the tech updates daily on broadway. It also presents news in flipping style as its name says. it is filled along with an excess of informative and also latest technology articles which are neatly organized manner.

Best Tech Apps

Flipboard publishes separate magazines for particular industries so you can subscribe to the tech magazines of your choice for to latest updated news. You guys can find separate magazine apps for Productivity, Social Media, Apple News, Android, and much more. And also you guys can also produce your own magazines and add articles from the web.

Download Flipboard iOS


  • It also works as a Flipboard edition for your mobile device.
  • One of the best productivity apps that are designed to give the latest news & updates on your mobile device.
  • It also gives information on the latest software & firmware updates and phone guides & manuals to keep your device up to date.
  • The app works on a really simple & intuitive UI.

Well, drippler will not strictly fall into the tech news app category actually. However, still, we actually have included it in our list as it serves a very specific purpose and also we think it will be helpful for our readers. However, it does cover the latest news and also trends in the technology industry, that’s actually not its primary function. The app’s main focus is basically to deliver you tips and tricks related to your mobile device.

So that you guys can get the most out of it as well. I was surprised to see how quickly it recognized my phone’s model, its OS version, and the network provider that I am using. The app is pretty easy to use, however, the UI does feel a little crowded. You should provide this one a try if you like to discover new tips and tricks for your device as well. There’s also no harm as it is completely free.

Download Drippler


Beebom is also a tech news app that focuses on many topics related to the technical world. They have a unique style in which they cover all the trending updates in almost 200 words. It is really a good way for all the readers to get updated without even getting bored.

You can also select many categories you are interested in. They also have a youtube channel along with up to 1 million subscribers. This app doesn’t support any advertisement, which could be a great reason in order to download this app.

Download Beebom

Google News

  • It is one of the most authentic apps for tech news and updates on Android.
  • It also offers full coverage of your favorite stories and news articles.
  • You can access more than 1000 magazine titles in a mobile-optimized reading format.
  • The headlines filter gives you an unfiltered view of top stories from around the globe.

Best Tech Apps

Just like the other services of Google, Google News is also one of the best news apps. It also contains all sorts of news that are happening all over the globe. It comes with a straightforward interface and is pretty easy to use. The best part of this app is it adapts to your browsing habits and gives you the kinds of stuff that you like to search for most of the time.

Download Google News iOS

Hacker News

  • You guys can access information within the app or in the browser.
  • You can upvote stories here or also even comment on them with this app.
  • Also, you can switch between stories and comments with just one tap.
  • You can share articles across installed apps on your device.

Hacker News is another famous app that gives you with tech-related news. But, they especially focus on facts and articles related to hacking. So, if you love being updated about the Cyber community, then this might be a good option for you actually.

Download Hacker News 


This app can be one of the best pickups for all of the Android users. It actually contains information about all categories such as entertainment, sports, technology, politics, etc. The best thing about this app is that it collects information from many national and international sources and summarises them in almost 60 words or less. That might be very good for folks who don’t like to read as well. You can see all the news in both English or Hindi as well.

Download Inshorts iOS

Findups Daily

This app is really new in the market and not much popular. You can also download it for free from the Google play store. Though it’s new, and it has earned a good reputation along with a rating of 4.7 on the play store. It covers daily tech contents of public news feeds such as CNet, Tech Radar, ZDNet, etc.

Download Findups Daily


  • It actually sends you breaking news alerts for your favorite topics as well.
  • You guys can save these stories to read later. You can also read it even offline.
  • It also offers easy integration with Crunchbase in order to offer you updates on investors, entrepreneurs, and startups.
  • You can also access all TechCrunch’s news & updates for free on this app.

TechCrunch(TC) Started via Michael Arrington in 2005. It is one of the best technology blogs in the globe. It’s the dream of a lot of entrepreneurs to get cover on TechCrunch actually. TC gives you a great idea of where the Tech business is heading along with interesting upcoming technologies and products as well. TC blogs covered along with opinions of their writers mixed along with the latest news, scoops, and reviews.

You must have the TechCrunch app on your phone if you guys are looking forward to getting interesting updates and also you can follow the company in order to get updates. The award-winning site is a leading source for up to 15 million people each month. However, the company also hosts major industry conferences and events as well. That includes Disrupt and various meetups worldwide.

Download TechCrunch iOS


  • It actually sends you featured stories & the latest stories for all of your favorite topics.
  • It covers news & updates from all leading tech companies around the globe.
  • You guys can check a large collection of pictures from the CNET
  • It also sends you personalized feeds for topics you are interested in.

Tech Today provides you the most updated tech news daily. It gives you daily news, stories, opinions, and each and everything related to technology. If you are a workaholic person who could barely spare their time around, along with CNET’s top 10 stories. You guys can get a quick idea about what’s going on around the tech world. CNET’s Tech Today is just the perfect solution for your commute or when you relax on your couch.

Download Android | iOS

Findups Daily

Findups Daily is actually an all-in-one news app that gives you with all sorts of knowledge about current affairs. However, also technology, business, gadgets, reviews, or almost anything. You can get each and everything here. But, it is not yet much famous; Findups Daily is consistent in its job.

Also, you can get all the latest tech-related news regularly. In addition, the interface is really something to talk about; it’s simple and attractive and also offers a great experience as well.

Download Android


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this “Best Tech Apps” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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