Best Apple TV Radio Apps: Let’s Enjoy Music

Best Apple TV Radio Apps: We listen to the radio in our cars or on our iPhones and iPads, also on our Mac, so why not listen on Apple TV? For some refreshing background music in your office, waiting room, also in the living room, here are some best radio apps for Apple TV.

Best radio apps for Apple TV

Here are the apps we’re covering, in no specific order, so that you can jump to a particular one if you want to.

  • myTuner Radio
  • iHeartRadio

myTuner Radio

Using a radio app on Apple TV offers music, podcasts, and top videos, check out myTuner Radio. Whether you’re in good mood for a radio show, dance music, or a relaxing tune, myTuner has it all.

myTuner Radio Notable features:

  • Browse stations by genre, state or region, or country.
  • Listen to the top-recommended stations or find one of your favorites.
  • Choose a popular podcast from choices like Ted Talks Daily, Rush Limbaugh, The Sean Hannity Show, and much more.

Also, from country to jazz and politics to hip hop to news and to science, there’s a station or podcast for you on myTuner Radio for Apple TV.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Android, Windows, and the web
  • CostFree with an in-app purchase choice to remove the ads


Another dreadful radio app for Apple TV is iHeartRadio. Like myTuner Radio, you can also enjoy your favorite music genres and entertaining podcasts.

iHeartRadio Notable Features:

  • Browse tons of radio stations, both local and worldwide.
  • Select your mood from My Stations, Live Radio, Genres, or do a search.
  • Find out sports radio from ESPN Radio or Fox Sports, or also a podcast from shows like Bobby Bones or Ryan Seacrest.

With iHeartRadio, you have thousands of listening choices for music and radio shows. Also, you like to listen to rock in the morning or a news show in the afternoon, iHeartRadio has you covered.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Kindle, Windows, the web, and more
  • CostFree with an iHeartRadio All Access choices for unlimited skips and other features.

For one more amazing radio app on Apple TV, take a listen to The app offers the local stations you love and ways to discover something brilliant. Notable Features:

  • Browse stations by genre, mood, or recommended.
  • Discover a brand new song or station by genre, country, or city.
  • Listen to the Top 100 or looking for a favorite.

Also, if you want a simple radio on your Apple TV without a lot of irritation, has it. Stream what you want, when you want, all for free.

  • Availability: iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android, and Windows
  • CostFree


Listening to the radio can be a cool change from the same old songs and playlists. Also, you can discover a new song or enjoy a radio show. And with one of these radio apps on Apple TV, you can simply tune in and let it play.

Here’s all about Best Apple TV Radio apps.

Have you ever use one of these radio apps for Apple TV? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, drop a comment if you want to share anything else!

Till then! Keep Smiling 🙂

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