Apple Rumored to Bundle AirPods with iPhones In 2020

Apple’s AirPods, not AirPods Pro, aren’t necessarily cheap. But also they aren’t the most expensive pair of truly wireless headphones out there, either. So the question is could Apple bundle them with its new iPhones?

According to a new report from DigiTimes(via MacRumors):

Apple is planning on bundling its standard AirPods with the 2020 iPhone lineup. It is quite clear according to report a variety of companies, including Samsung and Xiaomi, are planning on bundling “TWS” or truly wireless stereo headphones, with their smartphones as soon as next year. The report comes from unnamed sources, and there’s nothing else to go on right now.

Wired Earbuds, or headphones, have been part of the package when buying a new iPhone. But there does not appear to be a reason for that to change. What’s more, we know that AirPods aren’t the most expensive options out there, but the $149 price tag would suggest Apple isn’t planning on bundling them with a new iPhone anytime soon.

What’s More?

Let’s not pretend like the AirPods aren’t wildly successful. Even the AirPods Pro are doing very well for themselves and they’re even more expensive. It seems that its a pretty good reason not to bundle the truly wireless headphones with any iPhone at any point in the future. They’re selling just fine on their own, after all.

But hey listen, nothing is impossible. Maybe Apple is going to go a bit crazy next year and shock everyone. Then again, let’s not forget the fact that this report suggests it’s not just Apple planning to do this, but also Xiaomi and Samsung. So even if Apple does go through with this, it sounds like they won’t be the only company going down that route.


Is it so much for being special, right?

What do you think? Will Apple bundle AirPods with the iPhones in 2020? Or is this a dream that will never come to true? Let us know in the comment section below!

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