Apple Releases Revised macOS Catalina 10.15 Supplemental Update

Apple today released a new supplemental update for macOS Catalina 10.15. You can download the update through the Software Update section of the System Preferences app. But those who didn’t download the first supplemental update may be limited. As it appears to be a minor incremental change that offers the same release notes as the first version.

MacOS-Catalina aimed to fix some lingering issues with the desktop operating system while avoiding a major update in the process.

Now, less than a week later, it appears that Apple has released a slightly revised version for macOS Catalina 10.15. Those who did not update their Macs with the first supplemental update this new software is here. As the new software boasts the exact same changelog as the first.

Most Probably Asked Question:

What is macOS Catalina 10.15?

macOS Catalina is the sixteenth major release of macOS, Apple’s desktop operating system for Macintosh computers. It is the successor to the 2018’s macOS Mojave. It was released to the public on October 7, 2019, but announced at WWDC 2019 on June 3, 2019,

macOS Catalina 10.15 supplemental update fixes:

The new, revised macOS Catalina 10.15 supplemental update fixes various issues including:

  • improving overall installation reliability for macOS Catalina on Macs with low disk space.
  • fixes an issue that could cause reliability issues with saving Game Center data for Apple Arcade games.

Here’s the full changelog:

The macOS Catalina Supplemental Update includes installation and reliability improvements, and is recommended for all users.

Update Of macOS Catalina 10.15:

  • Improves installation reliability of macOS Catalina on Macs with low disk space. Fixes an issue that prevented Setup Assistant from completing during some installations.
  • It also Resolves issues that prevent accepting iCloud Terms and Conditions when multiple accounts logged in.
  • Improves the reliability of saving Game Center data when playing Apple Arcade games offline.

To update, open the System Preferences app on your Mac and navigate to Software Update. Selecting that will guide you through the process. The revised supplemental update is free to download and install.


Looking ahead, Apple is still working towards the public release of macOS Catalina, which the company is currently beta testing. For any queries feel free and let us know in the comment section!

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