Apple Hit $6.6 Million for Refusing to Repair the iPhone and iPad

The Federal Court of Australia fined Apple $6.6 million for refusing to repair its mobile devices due to Error 53. The trial was initiated by the Australian Commission on Competition and Consumer Protection (ACCC) after the owners of the iPhone and iPad began to complain massively about the “Error 53“, which appeared after the next update of the operating system iOS.

The scandal erupted in 2016. Then the problem faced the users of the iPhone and iPad, who repaired their devices in informal workshops. Often, the owners of these smartphones and tablets changed the cracked screen and the “Home” button with an integrated sensor. After updating iOS, gadgets simply stopped loading.

Man holding a broken smartphone in his hand, part of.

Initially, Apple’s position was harsh, the company refused to fix the problem, arguing that it prevents the use of potentially harmful third-party components, in particular, sensor sensors, in their devices. In the end, Apple was forced to make concessions and released a firmware update with a patch. However, it was already late, it came to court.

Apple Hit $6.6 Million
Apple Hit $6.6 Million

In its statement, ACCC claimed that Apple had misled consumers about warranty rights, refusing to fix devices for free. The investigation found that between February 2015 and February 2016 at least 275 Australian clients suffered from “error 53”.

“If the product is defective, customers have the right to repair or replace in accordance with Australian consumer protection laws, and sometimes to refund,” the ACCC said in a statement.

Apple offered victims of the “error 53Australians (about 5 thousand people) to compensate for the damage even before the court decision. The company also said that it will conduct staff training on warranty cases to comply with Australian consumer protection legislation.

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