Apple Does Not Accept Steam Link In The App Store, Its Launch In iOS Is Complicated

Bad news for everyone who was waiting for the release of Steam Link on iOS, announced a few days ago, by the end of this month. Apple has not approved the application in the App Store, apparently for ” business conflicts .” Valve has sent a press release explaining the situation.

This statement details how on May 7 Apple approved Steam Link in the App Store. A good gesture: he waited to have that approved and then launch the official announcement of its release at the end of the month. However, the next day Apple revoked that approval claiming that ” the original review team did not notice any conflicts with the rules.”

Steam Link
Steam Link

The possible danger of letting in an external catalog of games on iOS

Valve goes on to say that he resorted to that suspension explaining all the details of how Steam Link works, which works like a remote desktop that works through the local network. It did not work, Apple continues to maintain the launch of the blocked application.

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What can be the specific reason for this block? They only know that in Apple. Perhaps they are not too enthusiastic about an application that opens an external catalog of games from other platforms to iOS, for fear of overshadowing the App Store’s own catalog of games and discouraging developers. Or simply this overlaps some of the AirPlay experiences and the standards do not allow for similar tools.

The company says it is “clearly disappointed” with Apple, and hopes that they reconsider their decision in the future so that Steam Link does not end up being something only available on Android.

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