Apple bought a startup to manufacture lenses for Augmented Reality glasses

It seems that early rumors that Apple is going to release a branded helmet of augmented reality turned out to be truthful.  Authoritative foreign edition Reuters reported that Apple has acquired the American company Akonia Holographics, which produces lenses for augmented reality glasses and is developing a technology for projecting a 3D image on them. Details of the transaction are unknown.

Akonia Holographics is a startup, founded in 2012 by American scientists. Initially, they developed a holographic data storage system but later switched to the production of ultra-thin lenses for an augmented reality headset. Scientists from this company also develop HoloMirror technology, which allows projecting a three-dimensional volumetric image onto brand lenses.

 Augmented Reality

The acquisition by Apple of such a startup clearly shows that the Cupertino team is preparing a helmet or augmented reality glasses. This is not a surprise since in the past the authoritative edition of Bloomberg reported with reference to its sources that the “apple” company could begin production of the AR-headset in 2020.

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The fact that Apple is interested in the development of augmented reality (rather than virtual or mixed) can be understood without any leaks. With the release of iOS 11, the corporation introduced a proprietary AR platform, which instantly became the largest in the world. The American corporation is constantly working on it, perfecting it with every major update of the mobile operating system.

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