Apple Reportedly Anticipates 100M 5G iPhones Sales

According to a new report, Apple is telling its suppliers that it expects to sell 100 million iPhones equipped with 5G in 2020. As reported by AppleInsider, the information comes from within Apple’s Taiwanese parts supply chain.

iPhone 12:

The firm has told its partners to expect a sharp uptick in iPhone sales. The iPhone 12 is going to be one of the first iPhones to ditch the disputable score with made its entry two years ago with the iPhone X. It is also said to adopt an iPhone 4 like design, and ship with new camera updates, iOS 14 and 5G support.

Currently, Apple ships no phones having 5G capabilities. There are very few 5G-capable handsets out there from Apple’s competitors either. U.S. cell carriers are now bringing nascent 5G services online: AT&T is releasing its 5G network in a handful of cities next month. Many analysts and tech experts criticize Apple when the iPhone 11 failed to have 5G capabilities. Many folks saw as a critical strategic shortcoming for Apple.

5G Suffering:

With no 5G infrastructure in Apple’s suffering 5G issues. Qualcomm is said to be making the “most advanced” 5G chips available for the next-generation iPhone.

Previous reports fix Apple’s expectations for a 5G handset closer to 80 million. About the same Apple anticipates overall for the iPhone 11 series. It’s doubtful why Apple now thinks 5G will give it a 20% bump. But it’s a significant increase, and Apple’s telling its part vendors to gird their loins for the upsurge in demand.

While the iPhone hasn’t yet debuted with 5G yet. But devices from other OEMs like Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus are setting the stage for Apple’s eventual adoption of the standard. It seems like these devices would have helped carriers and consumers alike adapt to the reality of 5G. The report anticipates that the 5G iPhone is going to be what fuels consumer interest over the iPhone 11 which is expected to sell well, but not that well.


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