Adobe Publishes Features Roadmap for Photoshop for iPad

Photoshop for iPad is an amazing app in its own right. But some users can’t happy with the variety of missing features the app offered on day one. That is why Adobe decided to take an “aggressive” approach to future updates.

As we know that Adobe trying to bring new features to Photoshop for iPad through the rest of 2019 and into 2020. The company has decided to make things a bit more transparent along the way. Adobe posted a roadmap for its incoming features for the app, laying it out pretty clearly when users should expect to get new features.

With the introduction of Photoshop on the iPad. We begin the surface of what’s possible and start our journey to build the best mobile application for all of you. Your experience, feedback and your point of view have always been a critical part of our process. We take that very seriously as we chart a path forward with the iPad.

Arriving this year


You’ll use Select Subject in Photoshop for iPad, which will take advantage of Adobe Sensei AI. As it’ll allow users “to automatically choose the subject of an image to speed up complex selections”.

In the 2k19 cloud, documents arrive, which allows faster and easier access to content stored in the cloud. The goal is to make working across devices seamlessly, so that the content you save on your desktop will also be stored in the cloud, making it accessible from another device if you need it to be.

I’ll let Adobe explain the optimizations:

The Photoshop cloud document format is optimized to save only the incremental changes made to the PSD. Making it the fastest way to work across all your devices with Photoshop. For example, if you change only one pixel, then that pixel syncs to the cloud. In December we will start the rollout of system optimizations that deliver even swifter upload and download of cloud documents than what’s in the app today.


Adobe wants your feedback so share your thoughts and experience with us in the comment section below!

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