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Add an Email as Attachment mail: If you want to share an email with another person as an attachment, then this is quite easy to do in the Mail app on Mac and iPadOS. However, maybe you don’t wish to just forward it like you can on iPhone because you want to keep it in its original form.

Here’s how to add emails as attachments in Mail.

Add an Email from Mail on Mac

Firstly, open the Mail app to the message you are composing and wish to attach the other email to. It’s quite easy to open it in its own window if it’s a forward or replies.

While using both the Mail window and the email composing window open. Simply drag the email you want to attach to the other window and drop it in.

Add a Saved Email

If you saved the email to another location already, you can then navigate to it and use the same drag and drop action to add it to your latest message.

Alternatively, tap the Attach button, locate the email, and then tap Choose File.

Make sure while using the first method to drag the email to the message, it will be attached in its original format. Once you save the email first, you may also want to choose Raw Message Source to keep that format.

Add an Email from Mail on iPadOS

While having an iPad running iPadOS, you can then drag and drop an email into another one in Mail with Slide Over.

However, open the message you’re composing, then hold down on the line at the top. Also, drag the window to the right side. It should be left there so you view it along with the Mail app window.

Choose your email in the Mail window, then drag it onto the message window on the right, and then release.


Sharing email attachments may not be something you want to do often. But, when the time comes, you realize just how easy it is on Mac and iPad.

Here’s all about “Add an Email as Attachment mail”. Do you have any Mail tips to share with our readers? If so, feel free to comment below!

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