A new vulnerability in iOS 12 allows you to bypass the password

The video showed how to use Siri to access some applications on a locked iPhone with iOS 12 on board. The security system of the new iOS 12 has a hole. Vulnerability in the operating system allows you to bypass the lock screen and access user data, including contacts and photos.

Bug discovered Jose Rodriguez. The security hole allows you to bypass the password on iOS devices without Face ID, that is on all iPhones, except for the iPhone X and the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. To exploit a vulnerability, an attacker needs to not only gain physical access to the victim’s device but also to know the phone number. In addition, it is required that on the iPhone using the Siri voice assistant is active even when the device is locked.

iOS 12

To bypass the lock screen in iOS 12 without a password, you need to call Siri’s voice assistant and instruct him to activate the VoiceOver service. Then you need to turn off the screen and call the iPhone from another phone. More details – on the video below:

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Note that while Apple did not respond to the user’s find. The error has not been fixed even in the recently released first beta version of iOS 12.1. We hope that the company will close the vulnerability in the next update of the system. But users can protect their devices right now. To do this, just go into the settings of Siri and disable access from the locked screen.

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