6 Time-Management Apps Students Enjoy

Student life has always been very busy, and in our times, the tension is even greater! Each of us is affected by information noise and plenty of unpredictable crises. No doubt, it’s hard to keep everything under control in such circumstances. And while the time machine hasn’t been invented yet, there is another way to be as good as Hermione Granger in terms of productivity. Here we will present you some of the Time-Management Apps that will help you in your student life and more.

One doesn’t have to carry a diary since there’s an amazing personal assistant right in your pocket. It can make a list of tasks for the day, control your expenses, plan purchases and manage numerous assignments. Surely, the number of such apps is overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 6 time management apps that will make your student life more efficient!

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Time-Management Apps


This service is one of the most popular in its category. In addition to being very convenient, it also sorts your plans into folders (for example, personal life, work, travel, etc.). Any.do syncs with your email and allows you to create tasks from letters you get. And we can’t but mention reminders that you will certainly need!

A feature of the Any.do app is that you can add tags, subtasks, and attachments to each point of your to-do list. Plus, the latter can be shared with groupmates or colleagues to plan joint projects.

Another cool thing about the Any.do is that it simplifies your shopping, big time. Here, you can create shopping lists and send them to someone. Built-in algorithms sort all products into categories, analyze your purchase history and start offering food that you might run out of soon. This minimizes the time spent on shopping.l

And last but certainly not least, you can see all your plans even when the screen is locked. This certainly eliminates the temptation to open Instagram and look at memes.


Todoist is a top competitor and an amazing alternative to Any.do. Here, you can break tasks into projects and subprojects, add tags and comments, change the theme, attach files and collaborate on assignments.

Some users ignore the manual, which is necessary to explore the service. However, it’s worth it! Having dealt with all its features, you will get a reliable and convenient scheduler. Another plus of the app is templates that help you quickly create a to-do list and organize other tables, from essential school assignments to future social media posts.


Large projects and business for a longer period, like a month or quarter, are best planned using mind maps. This way, you will see the whole picture and not miss anything. 

Let’s admit it: complex projects with many components (like master’s work, home renovation, or writing a book) need you to keep lots of things in your head. And that’s exactly when MindMeister comes to the rescue!

Large mind maps with many branches are more convenient to draw from a computer or iPad, so the synchronization function across devices is quite handy. And you can always share a link to the map and work on some issues together with your friends!


Have you ever wondered where your time has gone? The RescueTime application will answer the question! 

The service keeps track of how many hours you spend on your phone or computer and gives you all the statistics. You can see which sites and platforms you visit most often, and then the app breaks it all down by categories (work, communication, shopping, entertainment, education, news, etc.).This will allow you to see the full picture of what you dedicate your time to and how much of it is used inefficiently. 

Remember not to beat yourself up for being lazy. It’s not the purpose of RescueTime at all! Let this platform provide you with valuable insight, and use the information to make your day more fruitful.


Trello is great for working on projects in small teams. Nevertheless, you can still use it on your own. Once you look through checklists for productivity apps, you’ll certainly find this service on any of them. And for a good reason!

In Trello, you can create a virtual board with cards. Each of them has its participants, descriptions, tags, and deadlines too! Also, you can import Google Docs data and make use of the chat under each task. Indeed, Trello is ideal for students working in groups, be it startups, freelancers, or project teams.

Time-Management Apps


Perhaps Evernote is the most famous note-taking and data storage app. Of course, the platform synchronizes information from both your phone and computer. 

Many users appreciate Evernote’s ready-made templates that save time and make planning easier. It really empowers you to come up with any document, from a coffee shop menu to the list of TED lectures to watch or a business plan. Also, there is an excellent handwriting recognition function. Evernote “understands” 11 languages and quickly converts paper notes into digital text. 

Therefore, if you need to transfer data from a notebook to an e-diary, download Evernote as soon as possible. This is a superb option for those who are used to keeping everything under control.


Another platform allows you to follow your study and work plans as well as organize household chores.

As in many other services, here, you can create task lists and add notes and comments to them. Plus, TickTick has notifications that remind you of deadlines. Moreover, there is a possibility of teamwork. You can add another user and monitor their task progress too.

And here’s how TickTick differs from competitors:

  • Built-in timer assists you in dealing with procrastination. View the statistics of work and monitor your progress;
  • Tasks are displayed in a calendar format;
  • Use voice commands to record the assignments;
  • It has a tracker of healthy habits related to nutrition, water balance, and rest schedule;
  • In case you are learning languages, there are special cards for memorizing new words.

To Wrap It Up

Just a few years ago, time management was associated with productivity and completing tasks in a flash. Since then, the attitude has changed. Now, closed deadlines don’t matter as much as good mental health and lack of stress.

The ability to manage your time really reduces the level of anxiety. It makes it easier for you to face unexpected challenges and build boundaries between work and just surfing the net. Luckily, you don’t have to carry a diary with you or buy plenty of stickers. The best tools are already online, right? 

Whether you’re writing a scenario for a school play, taking final exams, or developing a website, you’ll be able to do all this with the apps mentioned above.

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