360 Smart Camera For PC, Windows & Mac – Free Download

The 360 Smart Camera can be used for home security options. You will find that this camera has a height of 10.5 cm and a weight of 102 grams. It has day and night vision functions and is therefore ideal for home security purposes. Other people prefer to use it as a baby monitor.

It is said that a photo is worth a lot of words. How many words would a 360-degree photo cost? First, the media are in the midst of a paradigm shift. What was once the radio is now the television, and what is now the television is now the smartphone.

So you have to keep up with modern technology to stay relevant in your business or personal life. Maybe your friends posted some interesting panoramic photos on Instagram and Facebook. The 360-degree camera made it possible. You can use it to capture everything around you on video or on a fixed basis. If you want to take paranormal photos, you need to download the 360 ​​smart camera application

[palystoreLink url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.giroptic.cam”]

So you can see your family at any time.

Some people work far from their families. Traveling home and returning to work can be cumbersome for you. With this camera app, you can easily see your family whenever you want. You will experience the warmth of your house at any time.

Ideal for security optimization.

This camera can help optimize the security of your home. It can act as a watchdog when you are away. This is because you can receive notifications when there is movement in some critical areas of your home. It has intelligent functions such as motion detection and face detection.

It can work remotely.

Quiet is essential if you want to be productive at work. With this application, you can easily return home with just one click on the application. You can see what’s happening from a distance. You don’t have to hire someone to monitor your house if it doesn’t. This application is there for this purpose.

Better approach

Do you want to see the pictures clearly? This camera application has an 8x digital zoom. No matter how small your screen is, you can see everything in detail. This can be of great help in the event of a crime at work or at home.

Fast shutter speed.

This feature can help capture the smile of your family members. It also comes with an HD recording of 720p / 1080p. This allows you to speak to your family members when you are away.

High definitions and smooth modes for different connections.

You may not have enough data, but you want to see the current situation in your home. This function makes it possible because you can see everything even with a small data plan.

How to Download the 360 ​​Smart Camera application for PC

Therefore, you need to do the following:

1. Download an Android emulator for the PC

Here you should go to the Google search form and search for the application. Once you have received it, you can download it to your computer.

2. Install the emulator on your PC.

It would be useful if you went to the folder where you downloaded the Nox App Player or emulator application and then clicked to install it. Click Next and accept the license agreement. Follow the instructions and the application will be fully installed.

3. Open the emulator application.

Here you have to open this application and search for 360 Smart Camera in the search bar. A 360 smart camera window will appear in the Play Store that you can install on your computer. Once this is done, you will see the “All Applications” icon. Click on it and you will see the page of your application. Click the icon and you can use the 360 ​​Smart Camera application on your PC.


The 360 Smart Camera application is really amazing due to its incredible features. From the ability to work remotely to clearly zooming your pictures, you can be confident that you will enjoy using this camera. It also helps to optimize the security of your home and save even more money since you don’t have to hire someone to keep an eye on your home. Consider this application for PC today and you won’t be frustrated.

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