3 Best Ways to Add a Logo to a Picture

Shooting photos and posting them online may become a troublesome experience if your pictures are used with no credit to the owner. It can even discourage you from creating new images and hurt your finances if you make a profit from the shootings. This situation is avoidable by simply putting the logo on those pictures you post. The issue is that not everyone is familiar with the process. 

In this article, you will learn how to add a logo to a picture in three ways. Choose the one most suitable for you and secure your images.

Adobe Photoshop for Advanced Users

Photoshop is a professional photo editing tool. If you have never worked in it, you won’t be able to start processing your pictures right away. You either need experience or learn the basics overhead. 

To overlay a logo in Photoshop, you need to first open the right photo from a File menu. Then, repeat the same action, this time choosing the logo. Now you have two pictures opened in different windows. What you need to do is to hit the Copy button in the Edit menu while you are in the logo’s window. Go to the window with your picture and hit Paste in the Edit section. You will see your logo appear on the photo in its actual size. 

You can resize the logo and place it anywhere in the picture using the instruments’ panel. All the alterings are done through the layers box in the right section of your screen. Once you’re done, click on File, then Save as and pick the file format for your picture with the logo on it. 

PhotoWorks for Beginners

It is a photo editor with an abundance of tools inside. Adding a logo to photos is just one of the many options. The major feature is that you can edit the photos right away due to the user-friendly interface. 

To add a logo to a picture in PhotoWorks, select Image Overlay from the Tools menu, then press the From File button. Choose the logo from your computer and open it in the software. Change the size and put it in the right place in the photo. The program allows you to alter opacity and shadow so that the logo will look just right. 

There is also an option to process multiple photos at once. Select Batch Processing from the File menu and add all the photos you want to put the logo on. Then, through the Text & Frames button, add a signature logo or a sticker on your photos. You can change size, position, and add paddings. Then click on Apply and Save. 

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Watermarkly for Online Use 

This online tool allows you to add a logo to photos, whether there is only one or many of them. 

To put a logo with Watermarkly, first, select a photo from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The button with the Add Logo option will appear at the top of the box. You can change some properties of the logo: remove the background from it, alter the size, color, and opacity, and even apply some pre-installed effects. The interface is easy to use, and the tool is a good option if you need to insert the logo on your picture fast and without downloading any software. Though the options are limited, and you may find them not sufficient. 

Now you have the knowledge of adding a logo to photos to secure your rights to them. Photoshop will probably take the most time, while PhotoWorks is good for multipurpose use, especially for beginners. Watermarkly suits its purpose if you don’t want to download software on your computer. Whatever way and software you choose, you will be able to put a logo on a picture successfully. 

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